Something To Say – Program 2


Includes: 20-minute training video & facilitator guide

For: Teachers & parents of children ages 2 – 6

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Enrich Every Child’s Communication Skills

For children developing typically, experiencing language delays, or learning a new language

Learn to engage every child in conversation! Why? Because conversations are some of the richest opportunities we have to help children learn and practice expressive language skills. Something to Say offers effective techniques to help draw even the most reticent and unskilled child into conversation, giving him the valuable learning opportunities he needs to become a skilled communicator.

Something to Say teaches you how to:

Identify the best moments and topics for sustained conversation

Connect with each child, setting the stage for rich interactions

Use no-pressure conversation starters that invite a response from children of all ability levels


Early Childhood Research Institute on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services: Multiple reviewers.

“The primary purpose of this 20-minute video is to help teachers develop skills related to engaging children in conversation, giving each child valuable opportunities to practice expressive-language skills. The video presents practical techniques to help teachers reach children regardless of the children’s temperament, ability, or native language. The techniques are presented in a clear, straightforward manner, making the video a useful teaching tool. All of the practices presented are techniques that have been demonstrated over time to be best practice in building expressive-language skills…”

Produced By: Teacher’s Toolbox

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